Sounds and Lyrics

Distant Light music and lyrics
Demo II - Invisible Wires (2007):

Under The Veil [text] [mp3]
Clash of The Kings [text] [mp3]
Calling The Rain [text] [mp3]
Fangs of Time [text] [mp3]
The Higher You Fly [text] [mp3]
Demo I - Prison of Dreams (2004):

I. Mission: Apocalypse [text] [mp3]
II. Children Of The Midnight Sun [text] [mp3]
Prison Of Dreams [text] [mp3]
Voice In The Wind [text] [mp3]
Prometheus [text] [mp3]
Old Songs:

More Than Meets The Eye [text] [mp3] *
Falling [text]
Shadows and Twilight [text]
The Temple [text]

* - old demo record