Name: Rustam Guseinov
Date of birth: 13.02.1984
Instrument: drums
Equipment: Yamaha DP series, Tama Iron Cobra (Rolling glide) Double foot pedal, Pro Mark (5a) drumsticks, Sabian Hand Hammered Cymbals, Alesis D4 drum module, Ddrum triggers
Occupation: student, private drum lessons

Favorite and most influential albums:
Death "Individual Thought Patterns"
Death "Symbolic"
Dream Theater "Awake"
Dream Theater "Images & Words"
Evergrey "In Search Of Truth"
Gamma Ray "Somewhere Out In Space"
Helloween "Time Of The Oath"
Iced Earth "Horror Show"
Korn "Life Is Peachy"
Mudvayne "L.D. SO"
Pantera "Vulgar Display Of Power"
Sepultura "Chaos A.D."
Slayer "Season In The Abyss"
Slipknot "Slipknot"
Type O Negative "Bloody Kisses"

Favorite musicians: Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Richard Christy, Gene Hoglan, Uli Kusch, Sony Emory, Steve Smith, Thomas Lang

Current rotation:
Strapping Young Lad "Alien"
Unearth "The eyes of fire"
Fear My Thoughts "Vulcanus"
Devin Townsend Band "terria"

Favorite movies: Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Dawn of the Dead

Favorite books: Michail Bulgakov - Master i Margarita, Sobacje Serdce, Rokovije Jajca, Vladimir Mihailov - Priglashenie Na Nochnuju Ohotu