26 January 2008
DISTANT LIGHT will open the show for american thrash metal legends OVERKILL alongside with local Huskvarn. Show will take place at Melna Piektdiena club, 04.03.2008 at 20:00. Check this link link for further details.

09 January 2008
DISTANT LIGHT will perform at Melna Piektdina club alongside with local pogressive metal band YEAR ZERO and lithuanian folk-heavy metal band THUNDERTALE. Check this link link for more info.

15 December 2007
DISTANT LIGHT will perform at BlackDeath Night. The stars of the evening will be world famous swiss band Samael, and you will see and hear local Frailty, Death Rise and ZX Spectrum as well. Show starts 19.00, 21.12.2007. Check the link above for more info. Cheers and see you there :).

18 October 2007
Distant Light are happy to present their second demo Invisible Wires. As usual lyrics and music for 5 new songs are available at Sounds And Lyrics section of our site. Yes, at last we did it! We are infinitely greatful to everyone who patiently waited and believed, those who helped and supported. Thank you.

17 June 2007
DISTANT LIGHT will perform at MetalShow.lv Metal Open Air Festival . For the band it will be the first gig in approximately one and a half years, so we can talk about some kind of comeback :). Our set is scheduled on the 6th of July, 19.00-20.00. Many great bands will play there, check the website of the festival for further details. See you there and cheers.

08 February 2007
It has been long since the last post, but we assure you - there is nothing to worry about. There is one bad news, and another good oone. The first one is really sad - our long time loyal band bassist and good friend Jan Kurpnieks has called his day and left for his own new metal-core band Sandtrout. But! Famous basist Sergey Karshev from famous NEGLECTED FIELDS has joined Distant Light, which is an amazing news indeed!
09 May 2006
To everyone who cares! :) Our drummer Rustam is on serious buisness trip and will retrun to his homeland in the middle of autmn - untill then we are taking a short creative vacation, which means new songs. Stay tuned.

07 February 2006
Another great gig is comming our way! Distant Light were invited to open the show for legendary Accept vocalist UDO! It will take place 25.02.2006 at Sapnu Fabrika club. Gates open at 18:30, show starts at 20:00.

05 February 2006
Pictures from recent Black Friday show are added to appropriate section. Really great quality and two new selections!

29 December 2005
Friday the 13th is comming our way! Come to Salamandra on the 13th of January Year 2006 for annual Black Friday show (Riga, Jugla, Salamandras iela 1.) Show starts at 19.00. Paricipants: YEAR ZERO, ETERNAL SNOWFALL, ZX SPECTRUM, INFECTED, DISEASE, NYCTICORAX, FIMOZ, PRETERNATURAL, RUSA, ANTI, DISTANT LIGHT, and more!

28 December 2005
Due to constant spam abuse guestbook is temporarily closed.

14 December 2005
Gig in Kabata confirmed - come there on the 23rd of December! Show starts at 18:00.

30 September 2005
Pictures from Kaunas gig are added to appropriate section. Take a look!

14 September 2005
Distant Light has been invited to play at lithuanian band Thundertale (Kaunas) debute album "Rising Power" presentation, alongside with Soul Brothers (Kaunas) and Fata Morgana (Vilnius). The show will take place at 25.09.2005, club Amerika pirtyje“(Vytauto pr. 71), Kaunas, Lithuania. True metal gig is going our way, cheers! More info can be obtained here - lithuaninan metal portal Ferrum.

16 August 2005
Pictures from Moto Saiets are added to appropriate section. Have fun!

04 August July 2005
12.08.2005 and, possibly, 13.08.2005 Distant Light will peform at MOTO SAIETS 2005, which will take place in Jumurdas Muiza. Show starts at around 8 p.m.

27 July 2005
Totally new PICTURES section is now opened. Enjoy and come back later for more! :)

21 July 2005
23.07.2005 Distant Light will rock at The First International Bike Fest KURLAND BIKEMEET 2005, which will take place in Ventspils.

01 July 2005
06.07.2005 at 19:30 Distant Light will participate in the interview at SWH Rock (FM 89,2 MHz).

04 June 2005
Distant Light will play at The 1st Metal Open Air Fest which will take place in Blome (10 km from Smiltene), Latvia, 8-9 of July! We will play on the second day. Check the link above for further info and guides.

03 June 2005
Distant light has been invited to BALTIK RAND Bike Fest 2005 which will take place in Narva, Estonia, 1-3 of July! Our performance is scheduled on the 2nd of July.

22 May 2005
Good news everyone (c) ;)! Our song Prometheus was chosen for annual latvain underground collection Melna Piektdiena (Vol. 6) (Black Friday). This CD can be bought at GAILITIS CD-shop located in CENTRS mall.

01. SKYFORGER - Uz Ziemelkrastu
02. NEGLECTED FIELDS - Teufelwerk
03. SANCTIMONY - Lover
05. FLAYING - Revenge From Asalym
06. HUSKVARN - Vejs
07. DISTANT LIGHT - Prometheus
08. INFECTED - World Full Of...
09. ETERNAL SNOWFALL - Over The Ocean
10. NYCTYCORAX - Ne Mertvi
11. COLLIDE - I Don't Care
12. MUTILATE MYSLEF - Pimp Disfigurment
14. FRALITY - Silent Winter

10 May 2005
Hey there! Everything works great in our camp, we reharse alot and get some brilliant results. The Lineup section is opened again. Cheers! See you on the shows in summer!

19 March 2005
It took a while since the last update. At the moment we can confirm the change in vocal department. The new singer for the band is Sasha Redko (ex-Trendkill Method/Gust of Anger, Moral Free, Wild Colony, etc). The Lineup page is closed for a while, the update will follow shortly.

09 December 2004
Gig in Kabata confirmed - come there on the 23rd of December! Show starts at 17:00. Apart of Distant Light you will see following bands:

FRAILTY - doom/death
DISEASE (Daugavpils) - symphonic metal

11 November 2004
Photo gallery from Whitesnake show is added.

18 October 2004
More great news! And we mean it! Distant Light opens show for noone else, but legendary band WHITESNAKE! The show will take place at RIGAS SPORTA PILS (K. Barona iela 75) 06.11.04 20:00. The ticket can be purchaised from here.

22 September 2004
Great gig is coming - on the 3rd of October we will play at Kabata Club alongside with:

NEGLECTED FIELDS (LV) - technical progressive death metal
PORTIKUS (SK) - progressive metal
ABSURD CONFLICT (CZ) - progressive death/thrash metal
INFECTED (LV) - progressive/alternative metal

Show starts at 17:00. Ticket price - 3 ls. Not to be missed!

14 August 2004
Photo gallery from Tu Esi Pamanits fest is added.

10 August 2004
Another gig will take place at the fest Mes Un Livi (Pope, 11 km from Ventspils) 21.08.2004 - Distant Light performs as honorary guests!

26 July 2004
We will take part in Tu Esi Pamanits band's competition at the 13th of August. It will take place at Dzintari concert hall, 17:00. Your support is much needed and appreciated!

28 April 2004
Our first studio session is finally over! Do not hesitate to check out Sounds And Lyrics section and download 5 new songs from our album Prison Of Dreams. More to come in the future! Stay tuned, stay metal!

7 March 2004
We will perform at True Metal Sound show in Daugavpils, Dzintars Alter Ego club alongside with Sanctimony and local bands Legion, Artstorm and Silversand.

13 February 2004
Our song Prison of Dreams was chosen for annual latvain underground collection Melna Piektdiena (Vol. 5) (Black Friday) .
01. SKYFORGER - Gada Isaka Nakts
02. SANCTIMONY - Super Hero
03. NEGLECTED FIELDS - Sinesthetic
04. FLAYING - Injection
05. PRETERNATURAL - Human Transmigration
06. WILD COLONY - The Dragonlance
07. RUSA - Lietus
08. DISTANT LIGHT - Prison of Dreams
09. URSKUMUG - When Water Becomes Ice
10. NIGHTWING - Forgotten Ancient Manuscript
11. AGARES - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover)
12. INFECTED - Castle Of Matches
13. MOTORIUM - Neviens

13 February 2004
We will perform at Melna Piektdiena (Black Friday) at the 7UP club alongside with Urskumug, Necromancer, Interment, Infected, Nightwing, Insane, Sanctimony and Skyforger.

18 January 2004
Lyrics for all songs is added to Sounds and Lyrics section

31 December 2003
Today Distant Light greets everyone and wishes all the best and very happy New Year! Thank you for being with us! It's just a beginning!

13 December 2003
Gallery of pictures from Heavy Metal League is added to the Pictures section.
Read the review of the show on the Abbath site (blackmetal.ru.lv)

12 December 2003
Gallery of pictures from Mes un Livi festival is added to the Pictures section

7 December 2003
We are going to play at Depo Club alongside with our friends Terra (melodic heavy metal) and Mahaon (sympho-power). Most certainly it's going to be the only True Heavy Metal show in many years! Come along, you definitely will like it!

18 October 2003
Played at Saksofons Club. Metal H were simply amazing!

October 6 Year 2003
Our site's design has been changed.
A lot of new features, updates, additional info and more...
The Distant Light History added (you can get acquainted with it in lineup)

August 30 Year 2003
We performed at Vilku Braliba MC birthday show. Unfortunately, no pictures are available :(

August 23 Year 2003
Distant Light performed at the fest "Mees un Liivi" with GREAT success - we won in the 3 nominations: the best band, the best guitarist, the best drummer! YUP! We are happy !:)
Gallery of pictures and comments has been redisigned and extended.