Sounds and Lyrics

Shadows And Twilight

One ring to find them all, one ring to bind them...

Verse 1:

Songs from the distance
Lured me to so far from here
Down to twilight world
World without emotions and fear
World without colors
Home of bleak shadows and mist

Stairs lead me closer
To the towers of shadow keep

Verse 2:

Haze hides the ways out
Path crosses path in the maze
Empty forgotten place
The air is so silent and wet
The air is so stale
Life seems here alien, grotesque

Stairs lead me deeper
Into towers of shadow keep


Shadows and twilight, world of the silence and still
Shadows and twilight, dreams and illusions, palace of unreal
I roam though milk-white, where do I go?
My shadow is my guide

Verse 3:

So I go up to the tower so high
It's too late to turn back
Hours by hours, year after year
Quiet and stubborn, slow but alive

Verse 4:

Now when I have reached the top of the stairs
I look up, I look down, shadow smiles
I push it back and I scream aloud
Sun arise, sun arise, sun arise!