Sounds and Lyrics

Calling The Rain
Verse 1:
Ten thousands clouds I see
Whirlwind insane
Storm is on rise, skyline is black
Winds rage in plains
I never escape from the rain
I don't turn my face away

Verse 2:
Ten thousands clouds I rule
Horizons bane
Weaving the words everyone knows
To lore arcane
I'll bring you perdition and pain
I'll haunt you and make you pay

On the forest path mould hides the way
Webs of the fear, backstab of dismay
Cloud burst drives you into the fields
There youíll loose all your powers and will
Your own footsteps are forging to chain
Melding into the rage of rain

I am casting the spell of rain
I am calling the rain
I am casting the spell of rain
I am calling the rain

Verse 3:
Ten thousands widows cry
Mist clouds and blinds
And broken glass of tears
Burns down your eyes
My stalk is shaking your ground
For I never take disdain

It begins with the single burst
Gust of raindrops canít quench your thirst
And the bolt breaks the sky apart
So you raise chapped fist in wrath
And return to forbidden path
Which is stone marked with storms and hate

Cursed turns to blessed, time's corroded
Lines're carved in stone
Past is erased, futureís uncertain
Lost wisdom returned

Solo - Alex