Sounds and Lyrics


Hail the fallen bringer of light and wisdom!

Verse 1:

They called him a liar
And damned for mere desire
Bring knowledge to lowly -
Gods' secret fire holy

Then they shackled him and ripped his eyes
Oh, but immortals can not die

Verse 2:

The torment eternal
For titan ever vernal
The torturers feathered
Snatch skin and peck his liver

Crushed, abandoned, cursed 'till final day
Oh, but his savior's on the way


Darkness and light, the trail of pain behind
Eagles tear flesh, bleeding wounds close up
Years and days, he suffers for mankind
Outcast of heaven, Prometheus

Verse 3:

Now I'm left with dreams, tears of rage and vain illusions
Chained to rock, but never ever will I beg for their compassion
My fire burns again, it's my visitation
My fire burns in men

Verse 4:

That was the thing that frightened gods most, but now it's late
Time has passed by and fire confined
Burned their grandeur alive