Sounds and Lyrics

Prison Of Dreams

Open your eyes...

Verse 1:

It's early morning
The voice awakes
He rushes outwards
His world awaits
He walks deserted streets

Magnetic feeling
Her dreams've been swept
She makes decision
He pays his debt
The fall, the mask, the pain


Then you close your eyes
And see reflection of vanilla skies
Dive into lucid prison of dreams
Once you have loved, now you believe
Then you close your eyes
And see how easy the feeling dies
Chained by desire in prison of dreams
Frozen, forgotten, lurid, unseen

Verse 2:

Another madman
Grimacing ghost
He'll never get what
He wants the most
His time forever waits

The years trudge by
The senses twitch
He's on the border
He's on the switch
It's time to fly or fall


Verse 3:

My destination, deserted place, oooooh...
Transference takes no time, I am guilty in my crime
Oh, Lord, what have I done
In the twilight of my days I am sitting on the shore
All my dreams are drifting downstream with my memories and hopes