Sounds and Lyrics

More Than Meets The Eye

The things you own end up owning you.

Verse 1:

One final step from the darkness
Fear grabs your heart, icy hand
Ruthless, invisible, nameless
Faster than you understand


Lights turn red and quick solution
Hides your future in its hands
No escape, no retribution
No respite, no "why" and "when"

Once you stopped and started to believe
Was the moment you'll forever grief
While you wait, while you're on hold
You are being bought and sold,
Obsolete, insane, abused
Twice as useless
Twice as used

Keep your faith
And take the heed
There is something more than can conceal the rye
Stand on straight
And take the heed
There is something more than can observe your eye

Verse 2:

Venomous words of their wisdom
Fear turns to valor condemned
It cuts through your burning emotions
Faster than you understand

Verse 3:

Standing on the border line you
See the waves rise up, see the waves go down
Time and tides, they wait for no man
Sleepless and unbound, dreamless and unbound

Verse 4:

For the timeless instant moment
Feel the breath of sea, feel the breath sky
You, another helpless human
Catching in the rye, hunting in the rye