Sounds and Lyrics

Mission: Apocalypse

Nothing can rival forces of enraged nature.

Verse 1:

Freezing, lost and betrayed
Neither hired nor paid
More than hate, less than light
Changeling of the night

How can man be so dark?
It's his time - listen, hark!
Early warning? Too late...
He is forging your fate

Apocalypse… mission of flame
Apocalypse… target and name


This is not a punishment
This is not a test
Don't expect I'll choose the saints
And then wipe out the rest
Don't expect to walk alive
Out of breathing flame
Nothing is and nothing will
Ever be the same
Flame the master, flame the fate
Crushing all you've earned
Winds and rains will wash the earth
Ravaged, scorched and burned

Verse 2:

Burning, found and enthroned
Pulsing inside his mound
Less than hate, more than light
Time to think of your side

How can flame be so dark?
Just a flare, just a spark
Brings the world to its knees
Deaf to suffers and pleads