Sounds and Lyrics

Fangs of Time
Verse 1:
Relentless fangs of time efface
The withered trace while fiction frets
Of lies and forgery facets -
Omissions, faults and empty threats

Verse 2:
Diversities of views confuse
And whirling lies and flashy news
Bewilder common man again
But the only person I trust is myself
Enlightened and devoted rave
Of the hollow graves
Fantastic countries

When justice collides
With passions and lies
And tables are turned once again
When truth bears a mark
Of lunacy stark,
Considered old fashioned and vane
Unseen fangs of time
In silence sublime
Rip off ancient grime

Verse 3:
Meníre turning upside down beliefs
They cry at yesterdays and mock
Tomorrows with the crazy talk
But my only court and jury is myself
Good actions retribute us back?
If it would be true
Life would stop at once

You can stop the clocks
But you canít stop the time
No one can alter the history
But many tried
To pervert the truth and rewrite
Hiding it from the light

Solo - Alex

Verse 4:
Forgotten ways can come alive
Rejected facts still wait for day
When words and meaning will unite
And walls of nonsense will decay
When liars and their word of mouth
Will turn to ashes and to dust
And values, the eternal ones
With knowledge forge the only trust