Sounds and Lyrics


Do you really think suicide is an answer?

Verse 1:

Light as a feather
Call from the past
Trace of distant light
Pure and quiet
Silence is waiting
Verge of black and white

Chorus 1:

I am falling
All your words can not retain me
I am falling
I am falling
All your tears are vain

And now the skies are opened
You hold your final breath
The walls are getting closer
Will emptiness caress?
Now, will you run for cover
Of petty common sense?


Verse 2:

Threads of illusions
Scraps of your thoughts
Air is filled with sighs
Patience is broken
Come little closer
Can't you see this signs?

Verse 3:

Feel! Rumble outside
Touching your mind
Fate's smiling softly

Hear! Voice in the air
Don't you be scared
They'll call it madness

See! Shimmer and gleam
Haunting and dim
Daydream and half sleep

Touch! Patterns on skin
Shudder and scream
Helpless, forsaken