Sounds and Lyrics

Clash of The Kings
Verse 1:
Winter days are coming
Ice and stone guard borders
Will they stand or will the fall
Northern host awakens
Men and ghouls move faintly
In enormous shade of wall

One journey ends when another begins
Rivers run red - it's clash of the kings

Vrese 2:
Wolves surrounded lion
Heartbeat, groan, then silence
Iron fist reaps harvest bleak
Woe to child of summer
Cities turn to ashes
Days of sorrow for the meek

Timeís turning faster and nobody wins
Rivers run dry after clash of the kings

Four seasons pass you by
In a trice, words falter
World stands still, sounds die down
Kneel at winterís alter (now)

Red tide, wedding
Blood soaks bedding
Joy hides horror
Betrayed marrow
Unleashed, undone
Kids cry, boats burn
New day, new rite
Last sip, last bite

Solo - Vlad and Alex

Verse 3:
Echoes fill the chambers
Brother lies to brother
Scarlet lady, flaming pest
Giant bones grow whiter
Ancient beasts are calling
From the east and from the west

Nightsíre growing colder and crows spread their wings
They fly to feast hearing clash of the kings