Sounds and Lyrics

Children Of The Midnight Sun

There is a hope still...

Verse 1:

Moving through the empty worlds we've found a place
To settle a humanity, a new civilization
No more tears and no more pain we once embraced
The children of the Midnight Sun we are!


We are the owners of the time!
Moving the spheres of the light!

Seventeen Spheres of Spirit and Will...

Verse 2:

Dying sun and ravaged lands are left behind
Abandoned, poisoned place, complete disintegration
There murky dust and thick black ash entwine
Survivals of the Crimson Flame we are!

Verse 3:

Welcome, we invite you all to the novel world
You'll see the walls of grief and vows go tumblin' down
Confess, you've never been so free inside before
We'll witness miracle of newborn dawn

Verse 4:

Today your tired heart will find an ease
Your guilt and fears will forever leave your mind
The life that you denied to be the real one has gone
The spheres are at last aligned!


We are the future, we are the power
Live for the minute, die for an hour...